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Conventional Pallet Racking

Universal, versatile pallet racking system for direct access to each and every pallet providing excellent stock control.

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Heavy Duty Shelving System

Manual shelving storage system for medium to heavy goods, can also be used as part of a two - tier storage system.

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High Density Pallet Racking

These pallet racking solutions are designed for modern material handling, optimising storage space.

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Mezzanine Floor

A Mezzanine Floor allows you to take full advantage of the height of your premises, increasing surface area.

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Light Duty Shelving

Versatile modular shelving solution for manual storage and archiving of light and medium loads.

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Cantilever Racking

Single or double-sided cantilever storage solution for long items. Simple & easy to assemble.

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With over 20 years experience in the Industry and being independant from any manufacturer allows us to
recommend the most cost effective and suitable solution for your storage requirements
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This site is intended to be an independent authority on all aspects of pallet racking and storage equipment. We want to share our experience and would appreciate any input, if you have any comments or any experiences please let us know and we will share them.

We are totally independent of any racking or materials handling manufacturers and aim to hopefully cover all your questions and more in this site and also provide some great pallet racking prices.

You may be looking to buy racking or you may just need information, hopefully you will find what you need.

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Our CAD and Pallet racking design software allows us to provide you with the optimal layout of Pallet racking and Shelving for your warehouse Project

One of our team can attend site and design the Pallet Racking, Shelving or Mezzanine Floor needed to optimise your site location with you, making any changes with you on Site.

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